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We are floor sanding specialists here at Majestic Wood Floors and we can provide a solution to your worn, scratched or tired looking Wooden Floor, using the latest in Virtually Dust Free equipment we work quickly and efficiently without causing too much mess, minimising the impact on your Home.

From original wooden floorboards through to parquet wood flooring, we can restore any type of real wood flooring. Our flooring specialists can also carry out repair and maintenance work including filling gaps and holes, replacing damaged boards, replacing like for like Floorboards and even where possible, removing Hearths and Fireplaces.

Is refinishing parquet different from normal wood?

Parquet flooring and hardwood flooring differ in the way the wood is processed when the flooring is first made. Parquet is manufactured out of thin pieces of wood whereas hardwood uses thick wooden blocks carved out of the tree. Oftentimes the biggest difference between the two is one has a more lustrous aesthetic and the other appears more robust.

However, when comes to refinishing, parquet floors can be slightly more difficult when compared to ‘normal’ wood. The process requires removing the old finish through sanding and with parquet, the wood is required to be sanded in the direction of the grain to prevent cross grain marks.

When the surface coat on your flooring starts to wear thin, refinishing is definitely an option, but it should always be carried out by a wood flooring specialist.

What is involved in restoration?

If your flooring is damaged, missing blocks or has blocks coming loose, restoration may in fact be the most cost-effective solution. Restoring parquet involves a number of steps starting with assessing the floor for any missing, damaged or loose blocks. The underfloor and blocks must then be cleaned before levelling the underfloor, re-installing the blocks, sanding, resealing and refinishing.  

The sanding, finishing and restoring of a wood floor should only be done by professionals that have the appropriate equipment to eliminate any risk of doing further damage to an already-scratched wooden surface. Specialist machinery is required to do some repairs and alterations. 


Our specialists at Majestic Wood Floors work quickly and efficiently without making a mess and conscious they need to minimise any impact on your daily routine. We are proud to offer a service that is reliable, kind to the environment and tailored precisely to what each individual customer needs.


Should you get your floor resealed as well as sanded?

After sanding your wood floor, resealing it helps to bring back the shine and lustre to your previously dulled flooring. Depending on the condition of your flooring, sanding and resealing may be the most cost-effective solution. However, some hardwood flooring that has been severely damaged or has spent decades covered by carpet or lino may not be in a condition to be resealed.

If you would like to find out whether your floor could benefit from resealing, feel free to get in touch with our team who can offer their professional opinion and a no-obligation quote.

What sealing method should I use for parquet?

After restoration, parquet floors will require sealing and it is important that the correct finishing material is applied to the surface as this will determine how the floor will wear in the future. We know which finish will best suit your floor to achieve the most desirable aesthetic appearance and to be wear resistant and can advise you on the perfect solution for your parquet flooring.

Parquet flooring is most commonly sealed with either an oil or lacquered finish. Each has a range of benefits and drawbacks with lacquer being a more hard-wearing sealant, it won’t sink into the wood and will protect the surface from moisture. It is a very low maintenance option but if it is damaged or scratched you will have to re sand the entire floor and re lacquer for an even finish.

Oil finished parquet flooring is a less robust option and will require re-oiling every few years but thoroughly nourishes the wood. It creates a very natural finish and unlike with lacquer, scratches are not an issue as small areas can be re-oiled.

At Majestic Wood Floors we offer a choice of finishes from oils and staining to floor lacquers and from full gloss to matt surfaces. All the products we use are to a commercial standard and environmentally sound.


How much does restoration & refinishing cost?

The cost of refinishing will ultimately depend on the size of the job. Get in touch with our team today and we can provide a precise quote, with no obligation to hire us!


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